SilverClass & SureGrip - Brooms for household cleaning

The brushes and brooms for household cleaning are designed and manufactured by Aricasa to satisfy a demanding clientele searching for greater distinction on the market.
Ergonomic design,perfect colour blend, the choice of the latest materials and user-friendly packaging are the tenants of this range.
Subsequently, the addition of our SureGrip range has moved the focus from the floor to the counter top and beyond.Through over-moulding technology with rubber we added a firm, yet comfortable grip to daily use products.
The visual impact coupled with increased comfort over time has transformed the perception and functionality associated with such products.
The SilverClass & SureGrip line house-cleaning tools include lobby dustpans, mini and maxi brooms, brooms with handles and corner cleaners, brooms with a scoop, electrostatic feather dusters, adhesive brushes, brushes with dustpan, toilet brush holders, nylon bottle washer, drain cleaners, dishwasher brushes, laundry, glasswashers, vegetable washer, potato peelers and shower squeegees.