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Aricasa Hygiene Products

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Aricasa Hygiene product range is in compliance with the restricted standards set out by F.E.I.B.P. (European Brushware Federation), which allows our customers to meet the requirements of the following international standards:

There is a good variety of tools that make up the Hygiene line. Those most requested are abrasive fibres, scrubbers, brooms and push brooms for food use, dishwashing brushes and nail brushes, round brushes or with a handle, inclined or industrial brooms, floor squeegee, and lastly the new line of detectable products. Other types of brushes are also available, specific for the most varied meeds. You can see them by navigating the various catetgories.

Aricasa Catalogues 2020/2021

Explore the Aricasa line catalogues: the complete collection of our products, complete with images, descriptions and additional content. Each catalogue is readable in 3 different languages (Italian, English and Spanish). Discover all the products and choose the one you like best! Do not forget that we are available for any request and curiosity.

Catalogues are optimized for web visualization: if you want to print them and want a high resolution version, please contact us.


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